Concordia Cemetery

As you walk past gravestones so old that parts of the names are chipped off, you can’t help but wonder what the bodies look like after all these years. Your steps become slow and you apply as little pressure as possible, trying not to disturb the dead.

Un día en Ciudad Juárez

Aquel martes que deambulé por Ciudad Juárez vi algunas funerarias. Una de ellas, Perches, ofrecía ataúdes de metal o laminados en pan de oro. Recuerdo que el gerente del local sólo tenía una queja con respecto a la situación: la morgue oficial, el SEMEFO, no podía con tanta necropsia y le remitían los cadáveres tarde y con gotero. Pero era comprensivo con la situación y se armaba de paciencia.

Downtown’s Older and Wiser Crowd

Looking at the faces of these “regulars” almost sums up the feeling one might get when visiting the dowtown area. One knows that their visits are frequent and prolonged and that on any given day they can find them there, passing the time and living their lives unannounced and undetered. By most standards, one would say that their life is comfortable and often monotonous, but to them, their life is golden.