House packed with books makes for unique Airbnb getaway on the border

EL PASO – Airbnb customers have more than 300 houses to choose from in this city on the edge of Texas. Some may pick a place to stay based on location. Others may select a spot for its price or amenities. And book lovers may find themselves drawn to a cozy bungalow just to the east of Downtown that has stacks of quality reading material. “I have books hiding in some of the kitchen cabinets.

Martial Arts organization teaches discipline, respect and self-defense to children

It started with a promise to share the martial art Kai Ki Do with others. “A promise I made to the late Supreme Master Albert Robinson. He was the founder of Kai Ki Do. Myself along with a few other individuals in our organization thought it would be good for the children,” said David Cory, an assistant Kai Ki Do instructor. Cory teaches for the local Kai Ki Do organization and has taught students, ages four to 14, for more than two years a mixture of martial arts, but their core is Shotokan Karate, a form of Karate.

Group hike to Wyler Aerial Tramway challenging, but popular on the last Sunday of each month

A group of 64 people braved steep terrain, dodged cacti and high altitude as they climbed to the Wyler Aerial Tramway at Franklin Mountains State Park to hike the trails leading to the to the top of Ranger peak recently. The hike is open to everyone but might be challenging for some, said Paul Hanson, a park employee. “Fit people do great on it but some people come out and taken about two hours to make it to the top, but it’s always a good accomplishment when they make it up there,” Hanson said. There are other ways to prepare for a hike like this. “It’s one of the steepest trails in town.