Commuting daily from Mexico to attend school in the U.S. no big deal for students who budget their time well

Mariana Sierra taps the steering wheel and stares at the line of cars ahead of her Dodge Nitro on the Paso Del Norte International Bridge as she waits for her turn to cross into El Paso from Juárez, Mexico. She’s been in the express lane for 30 minutes. Sierra’s favorite musicians, the Mexican Girl group Ha-Ash plays on the radio. With one hand on her mascara and the other on the steering wheel, Sierra slowly inches her car forward as the line moves. She estimates it will take at least another ten minutes before she reaches the point of entry, hand her U.S. Passport to the border patrol officer, and recite the same daily response.

What does Ay Ay mean in Spanish?

Ay ay is one of those cultural slang words that has a meaning but just cannot be defined. If you’re from El Paso you know what it means, but can you define it? Not really. You can try to, but you will have a hard time. I went went around trying to see if I could find a good definition of this phrase online but nothing really came up.