Seminar gives students tips on workplace communication

Sowards said that different verbal and nonverbal patterns that men and women use in the workplace affect communication. Men use verbal communication as a way to solve problems, she said, but women will use verbal communication because they need to talk or vent about an issue. “Women use verbal communication as way to make connections,” she said.

Sports Beat

EL PASO — The game would already be marked as a win on the schedule for the University of Texas at El Paso Miners Football team, so the kick wouldn’t win or lose the game. Still, hundreds of spectators watched the senior kicker jog out onto the field under the glow of the field lights as he prepared to kick the longest field goal of his career. The ball snapped and he took his three steps to kick the ball with the ease of a seasoned player. It sailed straight through the air, right between the goal posts. The entire stadium erupted as everyone realized that José Martínez, 22, had just kicked the second longest field goal in NCAA history.