How I worked my way through anxiety

In mid-August of 2014 with a new semester just around the corner, everything was going according to plan. During a beautiful afternoon on Aug. 14, my father, brother and I were all waiting for mom to come home to make plans and have dinner. Mom walked in at around 20 minutes after 6 p.m., said hello and closed the window next to the sofa where I sat texting. I was unaware of what was coming my way.

Caffeine fueled high-tech gaming center opens in East El Paso

EL PASO – A husband-and-wife team is bringing together what they believe is the best of both worlds for coffee lovers and first-person gamers. Hive Java Lounge and Glitch Gaming Center, 1505 George Dieter, pairs the laid-back atmosphere of a cafe next to a state-of-the-art gaming room. “If you look around you can see that we’re something that nobody’s ever seen before,” says owner Nick Dobbard. “We offer high-end computers that you can come in and play pretty much any game that you want to play from your Steam account to your Blizzard account to your Uplay.” Gamer Janes Royce has been a customer of Glitch since it opened in September and says he spends an average 2 to 8 hours a day at the center.