7 essential apps for border residents during the pope’s visit


Pope Francis' mass in Mexico is live-streamed across the EWTN App Photo credit: Jorge Salgado

These seven free apps can help make life easier for people in the Borderlands when Pope Francis visits Juarez on Feb. 17.

Best All-in-One Catholic app

Catholic Mega App

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This is your best bet if you want the most information in one spot. This app links you to the Eternal Word Television Network which provides live streaming of all papal events, along with commentary as the events are happening. The app also includes links social media profiles for the pope. The added benefit of the Catholic Mega App is that it comes in different languages, including Spanish. So this may appeal to those who are bilingual or live in a bilingual household and can make more information accessible to those who are not English-speaking. Available in iOS and Google Play.

Best Apps If You Want To Have Fun With Pope Francis

Pope Selfie


The title speaks for itself. Maybe you want to fool your friends into thinking you went to Juarez and met Pope Francis. If you do, there are also plenty of Confession apps you can use after you commit that sin. Available for iOS and Android.

Popemoji (free)


This one is also a lot of fun, but will not require a confession after use. The Popemoji app is another app that speaks for itself. It offers GIFs, stickers, and other keyboard fun. Popemoji might be especially fun if you are looking to live-tweet the pope’s visit with a special flourish. Available for iOS and Android.

Best App If You Have Time To Spare In El Paso

Visit El Paso

Top Pope Apps For Borderland Visit

Have a few hours to spare or maybe you have the day off work? The Visit El Paso app provides guides on attractions, self-guided tours and plans for what you can do if you have a limited amount of time. Visit El Paso has also added a special section for the pope’s visit to the Borderland, which includes a papal itinerary and other events happening around El Paso that day. Available for IOS and Android.

Best App If You Need An Audio And/Or Video Feed



EWTN Live Stream

This app is great if you are stuck at the office and have no way to view the papal events of the day. A straight-forward interface which also includes on-demand audio and video as well. It may just be the next best thing to actually being there. This app might work especially well if you have an iPad or tablet with a more television-like screen size. Available for Google Apps and Android

Best Traffic Apps

As some crowds move toward Juarez and the Sun Bowl to try to catch a glimpse of the pope, others will be trying to get around town with the least delay. Here are a couple of apps that can help in both situations.


Top Pope Apps For Borderland Visit

Waze gathers data from the phones of users on the road to give you real-time traffic updates, showing areas of congestion and traffic accidents. Waze also gives you alternate routes around town when the traffic is not so pleasing. Users are also able to filter for street closures and most recent gas prices. Available for IOS and Android

Google Maps

Top Pope Apps For Borderland Visit

Google Maps is another free app with a lot of basic, but essential features. Google Maps is also useful for those who may be walking around downtown El Paso and looking for a place to eat or rest. Google Maps provides walking directions for pedestrians and bike routes for those who prefer to be on wheels. Available for IOS and Android

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