Fast and furious go-kart trend rolls into El Paso


El Paso's first indoor racing experience, Zero to 60 Motor Speedway. Photo credit: Michael Mcclure

EL PASO –The go-carts at Zero to 60 Indoor Motor Speedway aren’t your dad’s go-karts.

“That was a rush,” says Pearl Martinez. “This was our first time here, my son and I did one race, and it was such a rush we had to do it again. The go-karts are super fast, and you actually drift a bit! I’m hooked now.”

Sporting the newest in cart technology, the totally electric carts at Zero to 60 Motor Speedway can reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour. They also accommodate riders with adjustable pedals, seats, and steering wheels.

Zero to 60finalphoto.jpg

Racers prepare for their first race at Zero to 60 Motor Speedway. Photo credit: Michael Mcclure

“These are different,” general partner and manager, Joe Acosta explains. “They are more intense then your average go-carts that El Paso has seen before at previous entertainment centers.”

Zero to 60 Motor Speedway is the first of it’s kind not only in El Paso but also in the border region as well.

“The technology of these karts really outshines what we have seen when it comes to karts in El Paso before. They are truly magnificent machines,” said Acosta. “When I saw the opportunity to bring this to the El Paso community, I knew it had to happen.”

With other companies such as “Octane Raceway” at a distant location in Scottsdale, Arizona, Zero to 60 will provide entertainment at 8600 Gateway Blvd. hoping to draw not only El Pasoans in, but also customers from other nearby cities.

“We did our homework and looked into what we could bring to El Paso. Once we rode these go-karts, we knew that this was something to bring to our community,” said manager Irving Fournier. “El Paso has many things to do, but when it comes to something that’s a form of consistent fun, we really don’t have anything like that anymore and Zero to 60 provides that.”

Their quarter mile track offers two racing classes — junior and adult. The races have a flat fee of $19 per race. However, Zero to 60 offers membership packages that offer cheaper racing rates for a monthly fee.

All racers are required to sign a waver of liability and are also provided with a helmet and head-sock required by law to race with. For junior races, children must be 11 years old or 54 inches tall to drive. Also racers who are 16 to 17 years old and want to ride in adult races must present a valid I.D. and have a permission form from a parent or guardian.

“I believe that Zero to 60 speedway can give racing enthusiasts an outlet to race and go fast, in a controlled and safe environment,” says Acosta.

With its future in the headlights, Zero to 60 plans to open an arcade and grill by late March for customers waiting to race and continue to press the pedal to the metal providing the borderland with an adrenalin rush of entertainment.

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