multimedia journalism major and minor in interdisciplinary chicano studies

Larissa Miranda

Larissa Miranda is a senior college student, and has been interested in becoming a journalist in a top publication all her life. Ever since she was a teenager, she was always working in her passions in life, reading, writing and getting ready for college, where she is just about to finish a Major in Journalism. Larissa is a great believer in the honor of sharing her knowledge with others, and as part of her career she did her internship working at the El Paso Times in the Living Section last summer.

Born and raised in the small border town of Calexico, CA. Celeste is a current journalism major at Imperial Valley College. With a passion for adventure and story telling, her goal is to one day become a reporter. She is the true definition of a small town dreamer and seeks to turn her dreams into reality.

Karina Canaba

Karina Canaba was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. She is a graduating in May with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication-Print Media and a minor in Chicano Studies. She loves to read and write, when she gets time away from her pursuant interest in music, most notably alternative rock bands, and a secret interest in fads like myspace. Upon graduation she's not sure where she'll go or what she'll do for a career, but will find something for a while before going back to college to continue her education.


Multimedia Journalism Major with an interest in broadcasting. Skilled in both audio/video media production with a good on-air personality and always willing/looking to learn, improve, and end each day as a better version of myself than when I started.