21 year old College student studying Journalism and aiming to work for ENews or Ubisoft.

Mariana Dale

Mariana Dale is a journalist from Tucson, Ariz. with a passion for written and visual stories. She has interned for the Tucson Sentinel and freelanced for the Explorer in Oro Valley, Ariz. In the fall, she will intern with the Tucson Weekly, the local alternative publication. Dale’s rst assignment for the Tucson Sentinel was to cover the oneyear anniversary of the January 8 shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giords. She not only wrote articles, but also captured moments of joy and reverence with her camera. Her passion for incorporating written words with photography persisted as she continued to cover the Tucson Unied School District ethnic studies ban, local arts and entertainment news. Dale also has experience covering science and international news. A story she wrote on the Green Roofs project at Biosphere 2 was sold to and published by the Explorer. In Spring 2012, she wrote a story on how Tucson’s Turkish population maintains their native culture in their new home for an international journalism class. Dale is an Arizona native and hopes to chase journalism to the ends of the earth after graduating from the University of Arizona School of Journalism. She hopes to continue honing her writing and reporting while creating multimedia elements to enhance the story. When she isn’t pursuing interviews or attending class, Dale is searching for the perfect dirty chai, reading or dancing.

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Award winning international business journalist Sissel McCarthy is a Distinguished Lecturer and director of the Journalism Program at Hunter College. She has been teaching reporting, multimedia writing and news literacy to undergraduates for more than 12 years at Hunter College, NYU and Emory University. Her areas of expertise include news literacy, broadcast journalism, and news writing and production across all media platforms. Prior to her job in academe, McCarthy spent more than a decade reporting business news for CNN, CNBC and PBS from New York, London, and Atlanta. She anchored CNN International’s flagship business programs, World Business Today and World Business This Week from London. Before joining CNN International, McCarthy worked for CNBC in London as a correspondent and anchor covering international business and politics. She began her career in journalism as a writer and producer for CNN’s Moneyline in New York and won an ACE award in 1992 for the Moneyline special report, “Michael Milkin: Out of Jail Early.” Most recently, she worked for PBS and GPTV, producing, writing and reporting stories from Atlanta for the national PBS business program, Nightly Business Report.

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