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People are scared to speak, scared to have their picture taken or to even give their name. When I ask people what they think about the drug war, most of them say: “It’s like hearing the weather reports. It happens everyday…”


In fact, it only takes a simple metro ride to get a sense that the idea of “a typical” Parisian woman—or man, for that matter—seems more of a fiction than a reality. If, for instance, you ride the metro from Odeon to Chatelet—two central and important metro exchanges—you will probably see a number of Parisian women who would not match the “typical” description: from college students wearing chador to women wearing Benetton garb, from girls in military fatigues to women in Senegalese kaftans.


There has been much media coverage about the “Drug War” going on in the United States and in Mexico with no sound solution in sight. How about taking an alternative route, and just legalize the narcotics that drug cartels profit so highly from?


A personal note on the writing of Bloody Battles Batter Business. When I first began…

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