Author Tsitsi Wakhisi

Tsitsi D. Wakhisi is an associate professor, professional practice, in journalism at the School of Communication at the University of Miami. She has served as the managing editor of the Miami News Service, a professional news organization operated by the Graduate Program in Professional Journalism. She also directed a summer high school journalism workshop at the university. She is the two-time winner of the University’s Excellence in Teaching Award. Wakhisi received a Master of Science degree in journalism from Northwestern University. She has worked at several daily newspapers and magazines, including Johnson Publishing Co., Crisis magazine, the Chicago Daily News, The Plain Dealer, The Kansas City Star, The Detroit News and The Miami Herald. A recipient of UM and other awards, Wakhisi has traveled abroad and written about an array of topics, including descendants of a contingent of African-American men who moved to Russia in the 1920s to experience socialism, South Africa’s first free elections, and African-American perspectives and experiences in Egypt, Botswana and Namibia. She also wrote about U.S. journalists who have relocated to the United Arab Emirates while the American media landscape is redefining itself. She participated in a U.S. State Department Grant project for which she was a co-presenter at training workshops on how journalists can better cover social issues in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. She also conducted a study-abroad program for UM students in Israel. Wakhisi is a regular contributor to the South Florida Times, a weekly newspaper that focuses on the area’s black communities.