Author Raymundo Aguirre

Raymundo Aguirre

Raymundo Aguirre grew up in San Elizario, a few miles outside of El Paso, Texas. Because both of his parents came to the United States from Mexico, he would often cross back and forth between El Paso and Ciudad Juárez on trips and to visit family members. It became harder and rarer to do so with the increase in the death count and fear of violence across the border. As a student of the University of Texas at El Paso, he discovered a taste for writing. He declared his major under the Department of Bilingual Creative Writing. To pursue a greater understanding of photography, he began to involve himself more and more in multimedia classes and ultimately declared it his minor. He began writing, taking photos and creating videos for the local online publication With his newfound taste for journalism, Aguirre began working for the school newspaper, The Prospector. Although initially only a contributing photographer, he later became a full-time staff and sports photographer. Aguirre was also a photographer for the bilingual UTEP publication Minero Magazine and followed the local Battle of the Bands for the fall semester issue. Through an internship with the freelance reporter Monica Ortiz Uribe, Aguirre discovered the diversity and real life applications of journalism. Because Uribe focused on radio broadcast, he discovered the creativity allowed by the natural sounds in life and voice. His enthusiasm for journalism increased a step at a time, he currently freelances for local magazines and newspapers; his camera forever slung across the shoulder.

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