Author Holly Ocasio Rizzo

Holly Ocasio Rizzo

Holly just nished advising a student news operation for the rst time at Cal State Fullerton, where she has taught part time since 2002. It was a blast from the past -- and a blast into the present and the future, with a multimedia website as part of the deal. The best part of teaching is seeing her students succeed, and a new crop will graduate the day we start in El Paso. When not at CSUF, she writes and edits for websites, magazines and books (prole at It's a fulltime business – or was, until advising took over her life -- begun proactively as layos loomed at the San Francisco Chronicle, where she was an assistant city editor. Her sta career as a reporter and editor took her to papers in Michigan, New York, Arizona and elsewhere in California; got her halfway around the world; and let her experience radio and TV.