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Erin Bell

Erin Bell is a senior at Doane College, a private liberal arts school in Crete, Neb. She will graduate with degrees in journalism and media and English in spring 2015. Originally from Julesburg, Colo., Erin is heavily involved in the journalism department at Doane, something she never expected. Erin enrolled at Doane intending to pursue a degree in English, but began working for Doane Student Media as a freshman, reporting for the college’s newspaper, the Doane Owl, after inadvertently being enrolled in a journalism class. She quickly became hooked, later covering an administration beat and becoming the newspaper’s managing editor. In all, she has worked for Doane’s student newspaper for three years, becoming its editor-in-chief her junior year. She will continue in that role as a senior and will be the multimedia coordinator for Doaneline, Doane’s student news website. Erin has also worked for Doane’s student magazine as a copy editor and reporter. Additionally, she has written copy and produced content for her college’s student television and radio stations. A small town girl, Erin is looking forward to the opportunity to report in a different environment for the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire.