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Alexis Rangel

Hi everyone!!! My name is Alexis and I am married and have a beautiful 8-month old baby girl named Alessandra. I am a fulltime student and a fulltime mommy so at times it can get hectic. I will be graduating from Imperial Valley College this semester so I am excited for that!


“Because their families are not wanting them to take that step of independence,” Shavers said. She explained that women of the border face special issues that people elsewhere wouldn’t such as health issues and mainly trying to find their identity as Mexican-Americans. “While their traditions are Mexican and they have a lot of language and culture, ethnic foods, and music and things, they are really more American than they are Mexican because their expectations, their rights as women are based heavily on what they live in the United States,” she said. Shavers said young women of Hispanic descent aren’t driven to succeed. They don’t get as much encouragement from their families to go off to college and become successful.