5 takeaways from Black Panther


On 16 February 2018, the much-anticipated film Black Panther was released in the United States.

The film was written and directed by Ryan Coogler. The leading actor is Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa, the Black Panther.

In the Marvel cinematic universe fans have become immersed in the characters, storylines, and superhero feeling we all enjoyed as a child. The following list dives into the five takeaways from Black Panther.

Black Panther1.jpg

1. It’s Hard to Deny What Feels So Right

What do I mean by that you may be wondering. For starters, money talks. When the box office sales are record setting at $1.3 billion, it’s almost self-explanatory. If that doesn’t quantify it for you let’s go a step further. Professionals in the entertainment industry have recognized the film’s greatness and so too do the fans. The MTVAwards have nominated the film for seven topics, including the following: Best Movie, Best Performance in a Movie, Best Hero, Best Villain, Best Onscreen Team, Scene Stealer, and Best Fight.


2. Beauty and Strength

There are multiple versions of beauty and strength in this movie. The film highlights beautiful black women including Danai Gurira (the general), Lupita Nyong’o (Nakia) and Angela Bassett (the mother) all represent strong beautiful characters as women of Wakanda. Women in general are depicted as powerful and even more so the smartest character is played by Letitia Wright (Shuri).

Considering the film is set in a fantasy location of Wakanda, the symbolism of Africa is very real. An almost entirely all black cast was illustrated with groundbreaking aesthetics. Visually, the costumes and environment portray a feeling of customs and traditions that all combine to invoke a sense of pride for the viewers. The sounds are authentic and make you feel as though you are in the moment.

3. Social Media #WakandaForever

Society embraced the Super Hero blockbuster as a movement for people of color.

#WakandaForever, #WakandaForever, #WakandaForever


4. Lasting Impressions and Rhetoric

Shortly after exiting the theater, having just watched the Black Panther, people could be heard reciting the term “Wakanda Forever.” As it was the theme said multiple times throughout the movie.

People of all ages found themselves mimicking the African dialect in everyday conversation. Even parities were created from the YouTube platform to Saturday Night Live.

One of the most popular concepts to carry on beyond the theater experience is the vibranium. It is used in personal circles to the mouths of sports analysts. “He must be on that vibranium.”

5. Cultural Impact

The film represents much more than a simple superhero movie. It expands beyond cultural barriers and brings people together, embracing unity.

I would coin the phrase ‘sea change’ if it were not said previously by Boseman himself.

Children of this generation may have an influenced perception of the world, that is assuming they saw this film in its entirety.




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