Cleaning up a neighborhood in Calexico, Calif.


CALEXICO, Calif.– “This city has been on a tight budget lately, but we can’t just stay here and wait for a miracle, we have

Painting, digging, clipping, and cutting for the good of a Calexico, Calif. neighborhood.

Painting, digging, clipping, and cutting for the good of a Calexico, Calif. neighborhood.

to do something about it because this is where our children are going to grow up,” said Saul Garcia during the Kennedy Gardens neighborhood clean-up on Saturday March 9, 2013.

Garcia joined forces with Javier Gonzalez, the KG Neighborhood Watch leader, to organize a cleanup for the Kennedy Gardens neighborhood and park in Calexico.

Gonzalez wanted to organize an event where residents of the neighborhood and volunteers from the community got together to fix, paint, and clean up their parks and streets.

Gonzalez and Garcia worked hard to get permission from the city as well as garnering donations for supplies. The City of Calexico and the Imperial Irrigation District provided paint and tools for the event.

“This is an older area of Calexico that needs help,” said Rebecca Chip, a resident of Kennedy Gardens. “It was nice to see people sweeping the sidewalks and painting [over]the graffiti. It just looked ugly and now I can enjoy the park,” Chip said.

Gonzalez wants to continue organizing days where the neighborhood cleans up. Gonzalez says he will continue this every four to six months.





  1. Iliana Felix

    Good job! I thought it was informative, it is nice to learn that Calexico residents truly care about their neighborhood parks and are taking matters into their own hands.

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