El Pasoan sheds light on Howard Hughes’ Las Vegas Years


EL PASO – America’s first billionaire Howard Hughes was a very reclusive man whose life was brought into the spotlight by great wealth and controversy.

John Harris Sheridan, an El Pasoan who works for Chanel 9 news as a producer, brings Hughes’ secrets to light in his book Howard Hughes. The Las Vegas Years: The Women, The Mormons, The Mafia.

Sheridan, who worked for Hughes in 1968 as a film editor, writes about the experiences he had with Hughes and his encounters with other characters in the hotels Hughes owned in Las Vegas.

Sheridan picks up where the movie Aviator left off going deeply into the life of the man who “decided to keep himself hidden from the news and most people”.

John Sheridan. (Yahchaaroah Lightbourne/Borderzine.com)

John Sheridan. (Yahchaaroah Lightbourne/Borderzine.com)

The book describes some of the major events in Hughes’ life involving the people he was closest to at the time – the Mormons.  It also touches on the many women in Hughes life and how the mafia was in charge of running the hotels and gambling for Hughes.

The book also reveals how one of boxing’s biggest superstars was killed by a “mafia hit.”

Sheridan will be at the Barnes and Noble in Sunland Park, El Paso, on November 12  at 12 p.m.




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