Behind the scenes of “Annie” at the Brawley Palmer Auditorium

Behind the scenes of "Annie" at Palmer Auditorium in Brawley, Calif.

Triptych photography, a three-paneled photo, shows the Palmer Performing Arts Center in Brawley, Calif. at top; students from the Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program and Patricia Sacarro Lang, producer and music director, center; and, crew members, bottom, prepare actors for their roles, including DeAnn Hilfiker as “Miss Hannigan” in the May 2011 production of “Annie.”

BRAWLEY, Calif.—The classic Christmastime play, “Annie,” was presented by the North County Coalition for the Arts at Palmer Performing Arts Center here in May, with local lead actors Georg Scott as “Daddy Warbucks,” who shaved his head just for the part, and 11-year-old Molly Wilson as “Annie.”

But, as any theater aficionado knows, all the magic begins back stage. Most of the stage crew consists of high school students from the Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program under the instruction of Jason Contreras, known fondly as Mr. C by his students and colleagues.

The following video is a behind-the-scenes look at the production.





  1. Jorge Gallaga

    Yea there should definitely be more plays available. Good job Clarina, I really like the video.

  2. Great video! I couldn’t come down to see my sisters in the performance as I was away at college doing my own show. Congrats to everyone who made Annie possible! Bring more attention to Imperial Valley arts!

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