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EL PASO − Every year on Cesar Chavez Day, the Centro de los Trabajadores Agrícolas Fronterizos holds a march in downtown El Paso to honor the man who started the movement for justice and dignity of farmworkers, La Causa.

This year’s rally was the typical gathering of social activists, community leaders, students, farmworkers and artists. But what set this year’s rally apart from the rest was this year it was also a victory lap.

(Raymundo Aguirre/Borderzine.com)

(Raymundo Aguirre/Borderzine.com)

In January, the Faculty Senate at the University of Texas at El Paso voted to remove Cesar Chavez Day as an official, observed school holiday. Through the leadership of student organizations and the community, the holiday was reinstated when the pressure forced the Senate to re-assess their decision.

The march was a reminder that the fight wasn’t for Chavez; it was for us. It was for La Causa. It was the guiding hand of Chavez’s generation teaching this generation what it is to fight.

In this gallery, Borderzine photographer Raymundo Aguirre captured the friction, the spirit and the humanity of the event.

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