What’s Your Border? – Photo Contest Deadline Extended


What's Your Border Photo Contest

Borders divide and connect people, places, issues. They can be personal or cultural, political or social. We invite you to use your visual talent to explore your vision of “border” through the lens of digital photography. Borderzine editors will select first, second and third place winners; winning photos will be published on borderzine.com and receive prizes. The contest opens November 2 and concludes December 18, 2009. Pick up your camera and show us “What’s Your Border?”  For contest rules and submit photos online click here.





  1. Lourdes Cueva Chacón on

    My border is music, or I should better say, my incapacity to perform music… I wish I had been educated in music earlier in my life. I know is not late but it gets more and more difficult with time and responsibilities. Lourdes.

  2. Zita Arocha

    My border is technology. I’m a print journalist. 20 years in.
    It’s been hard to adapt to the demands of web journalism and the lightening storm of changing technology. Zita.

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